Ever hear the saying, “you are what you eat”?  Well studies show that they are not kidding! What we take in our diet not only contributes to maintaining a healthy weight, but affects our bones and teeth as well. Take a look and see how you can keep your teeth strong and healthy by dieting and exercise and with the right supplements and you can find the right steroids at this useful reference online, as for the diet there are some great tips you can follow:

Calcium – Be sure to meet your calcium needs through the use of either dairy or non dairy food/drinks. This mineral will help to keep your bones strong, growing and healthy. This is especially important for maintaining healthy teeth. Calcium rich food include: milk, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, calcium fortified drinks and cereals, green leafy vegetables and many more.

Structure Meal Patterns – It is better to avoid snacking and grazing all day long. Teaching your body to follow a routine will allow for healthier habits, with less over eating. Also, with less continuous picking, you can decrease the build-up of acids that increase the chance of dental decay.

Limit Sugary Snacks – Food high in sugar, like those that are sticky, and those that stay in the mouth for long periods are more likely to cause decay.

Water – Sports drinks, soft drinks and even fruit juices/drinks often contain citric or phosphoric acid that can erode tooth enamel rapidly. Limit these acidic drinks and make water your drink of choice which is healthier for hydration, dental care, and overall health.

Balance Meals – By using foods from all areas of the food pyramid in the suggested portions your body is allowed to get all its necessary nutrients. Those who eat a variety of food, from fresh fruits and veggies to proteins tend to feel better inside and out. Now there is something to smile about.

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