Dr. Seuss Orthodontist High School Essay Winner

IMG_0249Rachel Slepian

The Miracle of Braces! ! Today, my friends would describe me as an outgoing person who always has a smile on her face. However, if the same question was asked about four years ago there would be a completely different response. Before braces, I was a shy and awkward girl who had zero confidence in myself. I never knew how to smile in pictures and felt uncomfortable around other people. My underbite and crooked teeth had a huge impact on the way I felt about myself, so I was ecstatic when I heard braces were in my future. I could not wait to pick out the different colors and finally be seen as a mature teen. During my time with this metal in my mouth, I experienced a roller coaster of different emotions. One day I was so happy about my teeth jewelry, and the next I couldn’t wait to have my mouth back. When the day finally came to have them taken off, it was surreal. I could not believe my own reflection when I saw my pearly whites staring back at me. I had a newfound confidence that I never thought possible and was so excited to show the world my smile. Orthodontics had a huge impact on my life and I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for Orthodontists by Dr. Seuss. I plan to pursue a career in nursing and my smile will help make a positive difference in the lives of my patients. I am so thankful for everything braces have done for me.

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