Dr. Seuss has created over 8,000 beautiful life changing smiles for children and adults in Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix area. Here is what our valued patients are saying about us:

If you are interested in a life changing smile of your own or for a family member, please feel free to call us at 480-948-4010! We would love to answer any questions you have.

“I would like to thank ALL of you for Laura’s beautiful smile. It has been a pleasure coming here.” – Lisa

“Dr. Seuss, you rock!” – Ashley

“The care and treatment you give to each patient is second to none. How fortunate you all must feel knowing that you can make such a positive difference in the lives of many.” – Cindy, Tom & Elizabeth

“I appreciate your polite and professional manner.” – Mary

“Excellent!” – Chris

“Thanks for everything you and your staff have done. The smiles, laughter and caring.” -Kathleen

“You are like no other orthodontist.” – Shae

“Well done!” “Thanks for generously giving back to your patients. The staff were warm, friendly and welcoming. Thanks to all for your hard work.” – Susan

“What an impressive operation.” -David

“I thought it was wonderful to read the article about the girl who needed orthodontics and could not afford it. Glad to see we were “up to speed”, ready to offer her care. Very proud!” – Sherrie

“You’re right on top!” – Dan

“I appreciate your extra special attention.” – Kathy

“Your office is absolutely spectacular!! Very impressive!” – Laura

“Can’t imagine any better.” – Kim

“Convenient appointment times.” – Angela

“Thank you for the outstanding service. At all times you and your staff were very professional and extremely courteous. Choosing your office was a great decision. Keep making those smiles looking perfect!” – Larry

“Everybody is 1st Class! What a top notch organization!!” – Lloyd

“You’re one of the best run outfits around.” – Charles

“Awesome! I loved coming here!” – Hannah

“We love your office because you always run on time.  We start our appointments on time and leave on time.” Vinta

“I have never seen a more together office”- Dr. Tom

“You changed my life!  I have so much more confidence in myself because of my smile.” – Frank

“I like how they are making my teeth look amazing and how nice they are each time I have an appointment.” – John

“Why would anyone go anywhere else?” – Wayne

“Super service and results! I will recommend Dr. Seuss for many years to come. ” Tom

“Very flexible financing and easy to work with. “- Keith

“I really liked the convenient online payments.”- Mike

“We had so much fun coming to your office.  We really are going to miss it. “- Michelle

“I have a very busy work schedule and I love how I never have to wait around to be seen.”- Tom

“I am thrilled at the attention and all the excitement over my smile” – Stephanie

If you are a satisfied Dr. Seuss patient and would like to be featured on our Testimonials page, please send an email to Jenifer@DrSeussOrtho.com or visit our Yelp page and leave your comments there!

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